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Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith

Welcome to Nigel’s Driving School

Tele 01723 500253

e-mail nigelsdriving@aol.com

Teaching driving is my full time occupation.  I established the driving school in 1985 and have taught over 2000 people within the Scarborough area.

I have seen many changes to the driving test.  The introduction of parallel parking, reverse between two whites lines, the theory test and more recently the hazards perception test.  The latest change has been the introduction of the tell me / show me questions at the beginning of the driving test.

I hope you find this web site useful in your quest to learn to drive.

Driving any vehicle carries with it legal requirements and you must satisfy some of them before you begin to drive.

.  You have a valid Driving Licence

. The vehicle is insured for you to drive

.  The vehicle has a current Vehicle Registration Document

. The vehicle is displaying a valid road tax disc

. Your eyesight is of the legally required standard

.  If necessary the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate