About Nigel

I am a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructor based in the Scarborough area . I’ve been teaching people to drive for over 36 years & have taught over 2400 people within the Scarborough area. I still keep up to date with modern techniques involved with coaching driving.

Choosing an Instructor

An Approved driving Instructor (A D I) must
. have their name entered on the Register held by the Driving Standards Agency
. display a green ADI identification certificate on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle
. pass a searching three-part examination to qualify
. Reach and maintain the standard required by the DSA

How to choose an instructor
. Ask a friend or relative

Choose an instructor
. Who has a good reputation
. Who is reliable and punctual
. Has a vehicle that suits you

Ask the following questions when you contact an instructor

1. How long have you been an Approved driving instructor
2. What Driving Standards Agency grade are you
3. How many people have you successfully taught
4. What type of vehicle do you use for instructing and is it dual controlled
5. What area do you cover
6. What price are lessons and how long is each lesson
7. What days and hours of the week do you operate
8. Do you offer the Pass Plus service
9. Are you able to offer lessons to people with special needs
10. Are you a member of any National or Local organisations

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